3rd LIBER-EBLIDA Workshop on Digitization of Library Material in Europe
from Wednesday, 5 October 2011 (12:00) to Friday, 7 October 2011 (13:00)

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011
Thursday, 6 October 2011
Friday, 7 October 2011
12:00 --- Registration and Lunch on location ---
2nd session: Business Models - Chair: Erna Winters, directeur Bibliotheek Kennemerwaard and Chair of EBLIDA Expert Group on Digitisation and online Access (The Netherlands). (until 11:05)
09:15  IMPACT: Centre of Competence in Text Digitisation - Hildelies Balk (Koninklijke Bibliotheek - IMPACT)  
09:40  Promoting Access to in Copyright Newspapers through Collaboration with the Finnish Copyright Society Kopiosto - Maria Sorjonen (National Library of Finland) Majlis Bremer-Laamanen (The National Library of Finland)  
10:05  Public Library Online - Stephanie Duncan (Public Library Online)  
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
3rd session: Reuse (Metadata) - Chair: Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, National Library of Finland (Finland). (until 14:00)
11:00  JISC Guide - Open bibliographic Data - Owen Stephens  
11:30  Why we need to adopt APIs for Digitised Content - Dunning Alastair (JISC)  
12:00  The well-behaved document has Dublin Core Inside - John W. Miescher (Bizgraphic - Geneva)  
12:30  BEING IN CONTROL: HOW TO CREATE A NEW DIGITISATION PROCESS AND MONITOR THE WORKFLOWS? - Tiina Hölttä (The National Library of Finland) Claus GRAVENHORST (CCS - Content Conversion Specialists)  
13:00 --- Lunch for all attendees + A Guided Tour to Early European Books (On invitation only because of limited place. Detailed information will come soon). ---
4th session: Workflow - part 2 - Chair: Jeannette Frey, Cantonal and University Library (BCU), Lausanne (Switzerland). (until 13:00)
09:00  Day 2 Breakout Session Reports  
09:15  Tools and Standards - Jeannette Frey (Cantonal and University Library (BCU), Lausanne (Switzerland))  
09:45  Supporting decisions in digitisation by experimental workflow design and evaluation - Sven Schlarb (Austrian National Library)  
10:10  ProQuest’s Early European Books at the KB - Matt Kibble (ProQuest) Matthijs van Otegem (Koninklijke Bibliotheek)  
10:35 --- Coffee break ---
10:55  Austrian Books Online – Setting up the workflow for the Public-Private Partnership between Google and the Austrian National Library - Jeanna Nikolov-Ramírez (Austrian National Library)  
11:20  Old Newspaper Digitization Process Optimization - Raju Buddharaju (Planman Technologies India Ltd)  
11:45  Closure of conference - Paul Ayris (LIBER President, Director and Action group Manager at University College London))  
12:00 --- Farewell Lunch ---
13:30  Welcome, Opening and introduction to the 3rd LIBER-EBLIDA Workshop on Digitization of Library Material in Europe  
1st Session: User Experience - Chair: Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, National Library of Finland (Finland). (until 18:30)
13:45  Crowdsourcing as a Way to Make Pictures Visible for the Research - Majlis Bremer-Laamanen (The National Library of Finland)  
14:15  User Studies in Digital Libraries: Models, Standards, Methods, Questions - Milena Dobreva (University of Portsmouth)  
14:45  Experience is the teacher of fools: Project management lessons learned - Frederick Zarndt (Global Connexions)  
15:15 --- Coffee break ---
15:45  How to evaluate the usefulness of digital libraries and archives: description of an evaluation process - Jasmin Hügi (Haute école de gestion de Genève, Switzerland)  
16:15  Europeana Libraries - Aubery Escande (Europeana) Marian Lefferts (CERL)  
16:45 --- Reception ---
4th Session: Workflow - part 1 - Chair: Paul Ayris, LIBER President, Director & Acting Group Manager at University College London (United Kingdom) (until 16:45)
14:00  Upscaling digitisation at the Wellcome Library, showcasing the Goobi workflow system - Christy Henshaw (Wellcome Library)  
14:30  INTEGRATING DIGITIZED MATERIAL INTO AN INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY: THE CASE OF “SOMNI” AND EUROPEANA REGIA AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA - Elisa Millás Mascarós (University of Valencia (Spain)) José Manuel Barrueco Cruz (University of Valencia (Spain))  
15:00 --- Coffee break ---
15:30  Breakout session - until 17.00  
19:30  Workshop Dinner